Shower Wraps

Shower Wraps
Our wraps are hand crafted in the USA from 100% cotton terry velour woven in Turkey. They feature an extra-long Velcro strip and soft-rolled elastic top which fits most sizes.

Our women's shower wraps are available in 25" and 30" lengths (we also offer our 30" length in an extra-large size), and our men's shower bath wraps are 19" long. In addition we offer "tween" size shower wraps in 21" length for girls and 17" length for boys.

With 16 fabric colors, 18 ribbon trims, and 4 length/bust size ranges, we offer over 1,000 possible combinations in women's/girl's shower wraps. Remember that most high school and colleges girls select the 25 inch length, unless they are 5'7" or taller, then the 30 inch length may be more appropriate.

Our shower wraps are designed for the following sizes:

Women's 25" length--28" to 38" bust sizes

Women's 30" length--32" to 40" bust sizes

Women's 30" length, X-Large--40" to 48" bust sizes

"Tween" Girls 21" length--26" to 32" underneath arm sizes (and less than 4'8" tall)

Men's 19" length--32" to 40" waist sizes

"Tween" Boys 16" length--25" to 31" waist sizes

Optional personalization is available, with name or initials. If you are ordering initials, please enter the initials in the following order--first, LAST, middle. For the script, diamond and fishtail style of monograms, the initial of the last name in placed in the center and is the most prominent. If you select block, the initials will all be the same size, and we will move the initial you place in the center to the last position.

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